Maskedworkers.com is the result of a journey through the World Wide Web. We were looking for a bigger number of masks and wanted to have our logo printed on the mask. We tried ten different suppliers with around 20 masks, but it was a nightmare regarding quality and commitment of delivery time and execution. Finally we found a German company that is on the market since 2016 producing shirts and other wearables in Thailand and could win them as our partner for this project.


1. One stop-shop
2. Masks for every type of user
3. Every seam is made of 20 stitch per inch
4. No pilling
5. Washable
6. Substainable production
7. Great marketing product
8. The better the quality, the more it is worn
9. No loose threads
10. Made for your business


After completion of you order our Sales Representative will contact you to guide you through the process. Whether you would like to have your logo printed on our masks or have any other special requests, our representative will see to all your needs.